The Baltic Sea NGO Forum

The Baltic Sea NGO Forum 2018 was held in Uppsala, Sweden 17-18 of May 2018

Let´s improve our ability to influence and to make an impact, together.


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The annual Baltic Sea NGO Forum, attended by participants from all of the Baltic Sea countries, is the major joint event organized by the Baltic Sea NGO Network. The forum is hosted by the platform of the country chairing the CBSS.

The Baltic Sea NGO Forum also serves as an important meeting point for establishing personal contacts, finding project partners and networking with the aim of developing and strengtheingn civil society co-peration in the Baltic Sea region.

The results of each forum are concluded in the forum’s Final Statement being delivered for further consideration to the CBSS and other institutions on national, regional and European level.

The NGO Forum not only serves as a meeting point for NGOs but also offers an opportunity for dialogue between NGOs and public authorities on future perspectives of co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region. Therefore, representatives of national governments and administrations, international and regional institutions as well as other actors in Baltic Sea cooperation are invited to participate in these forums.